Why the Queen Leaves Her Christmas Ornaments Up Until February Every Year


Christmas is a wonderful time for people across the globe. Even though people say that Christmas isn’t about gifts or decorations, deep down, it really is. And everyone gets in on the festivities, even the Queen of England.

In fact, Queen Elizabeth II takes her Christmas seriously. Although it’s bad luck to leave your ornaments up in January, she takes it one step further and takes them down on February 6 every year. And she’s been doing this every year since she took over after her father, King George VI.

Christmas for Her Kingdom

Although Queen Elizabeth II is known for many ones, she’s infamously known for her undying love of Christmas every year. As the Queen of the UK, she can hire the best designers in the world to prepare the most stunning Christmas tree every year, but she prefers adorning her trees with her own two hands.

Every year, she invites her closest relatives to her home in Windsor to take part in the festivities. As the adults mingle, she gives the serious task of decorating the tree to the youngest members of the Royal Family. She claims that allowing them to decorate the tree means they’ll be too preoccupied wreaking havoc. Smart thinking, Queen.