Can You Make Money through Multi-Level Marketing?


Millions of people are searching on Google for ways to make money on the side. This is hardly a surprise, seeing as how the current climate has forced many of us out of enjoying many basic comforts.

You’ve probably been offered a chance to join a multi-level marketing (MLM) company within the past twelve months, either through emails or by direct invitations by long-lost high school classmates. But can you really make money through an MLM?

What Is an MLM?

Multi-level marketing companies, at least the legitimate ones, are those that offer their affiliates a chance to sell their products to consumers. As a member, you can purchase products from the company at a discounted rate and sell them to your friends, family, coworkers, or neighbors at the standard MSRP.

Are MLMs Legal?

In order for an MLM to legally operate on US soil, it needs to distribute actual products with actual value. Many of the most popular MLMs are involved in health, fitness, and skincare. They manufacture their own products and have its affiliates sell their products to end users.

In addition to earning a commission for each sale, affiliates are encouraged to recruit new members and begin growing their binary tree. A binary tree is essentially an organization within an organization with you, the recruiter, at the top. The more people you recruit, the taller your tree. And the more active sellers there are, the more you can earn in group bonuses, matching bonuses, and global pool bonuses.