‘60s Makes a Comeback in 2021 with Head Scarves



The Twisted headscarf aims at style than function. Although it does keep your hair in place like a hairband, it allows you to style your hair without a lot of maintenance. This style is very famous in Asian countries and has now exploded to the Western audience for its simplicity and can fit in with any clothing style.


The Bandanna headscarf style may look similar to the Tie Back, but instead of folding the headscarf, all you do is grab two bottom corners and tie them together behind the nape of your neck. This style secures the middle and backside of your hair.

Eastern European Style

The Eastern European Style was a huge hit in, of course, Easter Europe. An effortless style made from a large headscarf was famous because it would defend your head from heavy weather and keep your head safe and warm.

The 1950s Twist

The 1950s Twist is a retro-style that brings back an old trend to life. It was very famous because it was easy to set up. All you need to do is fold your headscarf until it’s 1-2 inches wide and tie the bow in the front of your forehead. This would secure your hair from bothering your face.