‘60s Makes a Comeback in 2021 with Head Scarves


Since fashion keeps on going, the flow of new trends tends to be hard to achieve, especially when designers must think of new styles and try to inspire the masses. But at this point, it seems instead of thinking of what we should wear in the future; designers have gone the other way around. Plenty of new fashion trends are actually from the past.

Not that far in the past, but retro 1900s. Many new designs have taken inspiration from old trends, and designers found a way to modernize them. One perfect example is the headscarf. It was a massive success in the 1950s and 1960s, and now it has made a comeback. Let’s dive into this retro accessory and see what styles are worthy of making headscarves make a comeback into 2021!

Tie Back

The Tie Back style is perfect for those with curly or short hair. With a smooth and wide headscarf, all you need to do is fold the scarf until it’s 5 inches wide and place the middle on your forehead. Pull each end of the scarf keeping the middle section wide, and tie both ends securely, and that’s it. This style creates a bandana that covers your forehead and part of your hair.

Pony Tie

Another simple headscarf style that keeps your ponytail or long hair in place. All you have to do is tie your ponytail with a headscarf, and that’s it. For a better result, loop the scarf through a hair band before tying it tightly to keep the headscarf from sliding off your hair.


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