Would You Relocate for $10,000? Some Cities Will Pay You to Come Over


Why Are They Doing This?

It might sound like they’re giving new workers a fresh start, but in reality, they’re simply looking to revitalize their economy. COVID-19 has caused some pretty devastating economic damage throughout the entire year, but Northwest Arkansas has over 10,000 job openings with a limited pool of workers.

Best of all, these many job openings will allow you to continue to work from home, as long as you’re living in the city. If you move, you’re free to work from your home, receive a stipend, and earn a salary on top of everything else. And the timing couldn’t be better, seeing as how countless citizens in major cities have been laid off, experienced reduced work hours, or haven’t found a job in however many years.

A Great Incentive to Move

Most people think of NYC or LA as being the best places to take their talents. While this used to be true, the markets in large cities have become so saturated that it’s hard to differentiate average-quality workers from experts. But if you move to a rural area in Arkansas, Florida, or Oklahoma, your skillset might be in demand.

Plus, the annual stipend that these cities are willing to offer will cover most if not all of your housing costs. One of the hardest things about moving is finding a place to live, but if you didn’t have to worry about paying for an apartment, life becomes that much easier.

So, if you’re in need of help and are willing to move to less-developed parts of the country, keep your eyes open for offers such as these.