Would You Relocate for $10,000? Some Cities Will Pay You to Come Over


$10,000 is not a small amount of money by any standard. There’s a lot of good (and bad) you can do with ten Gs in your bank account. However, would you pick up your bags and bid adieu to your parents if you were promised $10,000?

No, this isn’t some twisted game show. Some cities in the US are willing to fork over $10,000 if you pick up and move. If this sounds like something that’d interest you, keep reading down below.

New Programs to Relocate’

This scheme was devised by the Northwest Arkansas Council, which plans on luring in new residents by dangling a healthy sum of money in front of them. Although a $10,000 annual stipend doesn’t sound too bad, there’s no news as to whether this is the real amount they’ll offer—it could be more, but chances are that the more people that come, the less they’ll give.

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