Why RDJ Made Millions More than His MCU Co-Stars


Robert Downey, Jr. had a successful acting career long before his debut into the Marvel Universe, but what truly made his bank account blow up was after he signed up for Iron Man in 2008. RDJ started his career in films in 1970 but only played roles that were either non-existent or cult-classics. However, after Iron Man debuted, he became an A-list star overnight.

Robert Downey Jr.’s Profitable Career in the Marvel Universe

RDJ made a ton of profit from Marvel’s largest film, Avengers: Endgame, due to his salary negotiations. Instead of the usual way for actors to make money from films by accepting a set fee, RDJ thought differently, making him millions more than his other A-list co-stars.

The news blew up when Variety announced that Robert Downey Jr.’s rate per film is around $20 million. Although RDJ’s character, Tony Stark, played a major role in making comic book movies relevant, it wasn’t just RDJ that made the Avenger’s franchise to become the success it is today.


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