Why Japan and Australia Will Be The Hottest Destinations Travel Destinations When Covid-19 Blows Over


Why Japan and Australia will be the Hottest Travel Destinations After COVID-19

After the release of COVID-19 vaccines, there may be a light to the end of the tunnel. Due to Japan’s and Australia’s adequate COVID-19 results, tourism for these countries may be closer to than we know it; but of course with precautions brought along.

Since COVID-19 has taken a massive hit to the tourism industry, cleanliness and hygiene have taken larger roles for travelers’ consideration. And Japan and Australia are the ones perfect for tourists. Among all of the Asia Pacific countries, the aforementioned ones have the best infrastructure to supply for tourism.

Other than their success in handling COVID-19, Japan and Australia are well known in the tourism industry for having the best stops to visit given their cultural and natural vistas. As well as their almost perfect hygienic infrastructure and mass health-awareness, these countries tend to keep their position at the top of the tourism game.

Right now, Japan and Australia have lightened the restrictions to access their countries. Reports showed by the Japanese media that Japan plans to reopen its tourism industry by Spring 2021 due to the number of COVID-19 cases dwindling down. Japan has shown good signs regarding the battle against COVID-19 and will hopefully allow tourists to travel to their cultural hotspots.

Australia, on the other hand, is still currently closed to tourism in 2020 except for tourists from New Zealand. Reports by the Economist show that since the slow emergence of COVID-19 cases in Australia, they are readying to reopen their tourism industry to Asia countries, with tourists from China being the first to open borders to. Good news for the ones still in Australia as most of the country is open to local tourism, but with a few restrictions and precautions beforehand.



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