Why Japan and Australia Will Be The Hottest Destinations Travel Destinations When Covid-19 Blows Over


Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak and most of the world has gone into lockdown, many countries had to halt the many sources of their income, and that includes travel and tourism. In the past decade, data shows that the tourism industry had grown exponentially by 59% and become the fastest growing economic sector worldwide.

In 2019, international tourists’ arrivals estimated 1.5 billion, a huge growth compared to 2009 numbered at 880 million travels. The tourism industry supplied $8.9 trillion to the world GDP in 2019, with 1/10 jobs worldwide relies on tourism, which equals 330 million jobs.

Since COVID-19 struck the entire world, this phenomenon halted international flights and hotels leading to travel restrictions. However, there are reports of COVID-19 competitiveness among Asia Pacific countries that may have shed light on tourists. Japan and Australia were highly competent in combating COVID-19, which may lead to lifted/lighter restrictions for travel to the countries.

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