When George Clooney Gave $1 Million to Each of His Friends


Have you ever received a gift from a friend for seemingly no reason? If you have, we’re willing to bet $1 million that they didn’t gift you $1 million. Well, celebrities are known for handing out all sorts of crazy gifts and prizes to those closest to them, but George Clooney made a group of 14 of his best friends overnight millionaires.

The Gravity “Flop”

The film Gravity came out during the best time possible. In the early 2010s, Hollywood produced sci-fi movie after sci-fi movie, and the audience was eating them all up. But for some strange reasons, the Hollywood higher-ups didn’t feel like paying George Clooney a cent for his role in the movie.

For most actors, let alone one as established as George Clooney, not being paid for their art would be an instant “No” moment. But for the Ocean’s Eleven actor, he knew Gravity was going to be a hit, even if the producers didn’t feel that way. So, instead of receiving money upfront for his work, he opted to accept a percentage of the earnings—if the movie would make more than its budget, which it totally did, six times over in fact.