Want to Start a Business During Covid? Why Not a Liquor Store?


The world has gone through so much since the COVID-19 outbreak and it has spread like wildfire around the world. The viral disease has seriously damaged the international economy. The negative implications that affected international industries and global stock markets such as tourism, entertainment, retail, and hospitality. Despite this, there are still businesses going afloat during these hard times or have remained unaffected by the impacts caused by COVID-19’s pandemic.

So if you are someone that plans to tackle the market by opening a business, there is one that could seriously help during these times. The liquor business.

The Money Maker

According to Statista, in 2018 the revenue from alcohol taxes has amounted to something more than we could count by hand. The data states that from that year alone, the US has made $10 billion, and the same numbers are expected to be stagnant from 2021 to 2025. This shows that the US consume liquor and alcohol beverages like a soft drink.

Closing Liquor Stores can Lead to Catastrophic Outcomes

Since governments have started the mandatory lockdowns, it leads to less traffic and forced closure to many businesses, such as clothing retail and theatres. However, if liquor stores were ever to close, the options for alcoholic beverages will be limited, causing a mass withdrawal for common consumers.

Withdrawals can lead to severe symptoms like agitation, high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, even could probably cause hallucinations. If that happens, then we would see more people going through withdrawals ending up in hospitals rather than COVID-19 patients. The hospitals are full as it is due to the viral disease, and alcohol withdrawal symptoms could cause an imbalance.

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