Vanilla Ice’s Divorce and Massive Yearly Royalties from Ice, Ice Baby


The Divorce and How it Came to Be

After 3 years since the divorce papers were filed by Laura van Winkle, it was finalized in 2019. During the process, Ice had to pay his ex-wife $10,000 a month for temporary supports and an additional $110,000 for 11 missed payments beforehand.

With other legal fees added to the calculations, it amounted to around $155,000. After all of the fees and fuss, Vanilla Ice revealed he was able to pay up without any hassle.

What Happened Afterward?

After the fallout in their marriage, Vanilla Ice transferred his Florida house to Laura for $10. Now, Laura has put up the house for sale at around $800,000. Whether Ice had anything to do with the fate of the house, the house has plenty of marketing perks due to the fact it was owned by a professional musician and home flipper. The fact that the house’s listing agent is Dusti van Winkle creates an obvious sign that Ice has prepared his daughter for the future of the real estate and home flipping game.



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