The Music Industry’s Top Acts Rolling in the Most Dough


Have you ever heard of your friends who wish they were a singer? They always talk about partying non-stop, crashing hotel rooms,  meeting other artists, et cetera. Well, the answers are simple: singers are known to be the heartthrob that gets the ladies and is shown to the world more than the others. But the main reason is vocalists/singers can make a lot more money—tons of cash. Having a great voice can lead to millions of dollars in the bank account every year.

The problem is there are millions of singers around the world, and it is rare to find which one is a millionaire. Singers need to train their vocal cords, stay within the trend, and plenty of luck. Now, we will go through many brilliant singers who took an opportunity and left everything else behind to become the millionaires they are today. 

20. Lady Gaga – $275M

Her real name is Stefani Germanotta, most notable as Lady Gaga or the Mother Monster, who has to be one of the most creative and talented people on the planet. Her most noticeable works include wearing insane outfits during live events, intensive choreography, and fantastic light shows. She has made more than $80 million.


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