Spring Fashion Trend 2021: Shop Locally and Sustainably


What Is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable Fashion isn’t just a buzz term. Sustainable Fashion includes the use of biodegradable materials and dyes which do not leave long-lasting effects on our planet. Although these products have a limited life cycle, there’s less concern that they’ll end up in the stomachs of an unfortunate whale or seal.

Why Shop Locally?

To shop locally means giving back to the local fashion economy. By supporting local brands, experts claim that there will be a significant drop in clothing waste. This is completely understandable, seeing as how most local companies don’t have the same production capacities are renowned brands like Nike or Supreme.

And if you’re looking for indigenous-inspired apparel, well, there’s no better place to “window shop” than on TikTok. Countless influencers are getting in on the local and sustainable fashion trends, which will undoubtedly be in and leave their mark in 2021.