Reporting Live: 20 of the Richest, Most Fabulous Female News Anchors on TV


In a long time, the news industry has taken a drastic shift, allowing females to have more extended airtime and create a name for themselves. Although late-night news anchors are still mostly men, many female news anchors have rocketed their careers and created several memorable personas. In the last era, females couldn’t make it in the news industry, especially on-air.

It was thought that females were too distracting and weren’t taken seriously. However, things have changed, and many females in the industry have shifted from small reporting jobs to on-air reporting. After 50 years, women have shown their place and have become wealthy and successful. Here we will show you the highest-paid female news anchors.

20. Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters is the most famous TV personalities ever. Her most notable work was as a writer and segment producer on The Today Show. She has gone and worked on ABC Evening News, Today, The View, and 20/20. Even after she retired from broadcasting, she still reports news on ABC News from time to time. Today, she makes a whopping $27.2 million a year and is worth $150 million.