Reading Habits of the Ultra-Successful and Stinkin’ Rich


Never Stop Learning

One thing we’ve constantly heard about those who don’t go to college is that Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg dropped out and became super-successful. While going to college doesn’t guarantee future success, it does help quite a bit. After all, college is where they found some pretty significant links that would help them become the people they are today.

But they’re constantly learning about new things through printed media. Even though they didn’t complete a formal education at Harvard, their noses are never not stuck in a book that would put the rest of us in a deep sleep.

At-home Libraries

If you’re ever fortunate enough to step foot in a billionaire’s home, one of the first sights you’ll see is a vast book collection. Now, while this might seem showy, we’re willing to bet that they’ve read every book in their home libraries from cover to cover more than once.

Warren Buffet famously stated that he spends 80% of his day reading. Assuming he’s not snacking on ice creams and other junk foods that would give the rest of us heart attacks, Warren is probably locked in his office going over multiple books every day.