Meet the Woman Who Does Taxes for the Rich


Celebrities who make piles and piles of money don’t do their own taxes, do they? Sure, they’ve got ungodly acting talent, but Leonardo DiCaprio sitting down at a table with a calculator and visor, calculating how much he owes the government? A weird thought, right?

Well, it turns out that popular actors and musicians don’t do their own taxes, nor do many of them manage their earnings from their work. Instead, an undisclosed number of them rely on a single accountant, Kristin Lee, to do the hard thinking for them.

Who Is Kristin Lee?

Kristin Lee is a 37-year-old business manager stationed in Los Angeles who manages the finances of super-rich clients, including musicians, producers, and athletes. She runs a 10-person firm, KLBM, that handles over 50 clients, dealing with taxes, insurance, and payroll. However, her services also extend to managing the costs of housekeeping and babysitting, believe it or not.

Undisclosed Clientele

She keeps a pretty tight lip regarding whose finances she manages. No surprises there. However, she did mention that her clientele includes those with a net worth between $1 million and $50 million, so her clients are definitely not the everyday sort who pay a percentage of their returns for her services.