HBO Honoring Dave Chappelle’s Request to Remove The Chappelle Show


Infamous actor and standup comedian Dave Chappelle finally got his wish. After a lot of back and forth with HBO, it appears that the TV station is finally honoring his request to remove The Chappelle Show from their library.

Skyrocket to Stardom

We can only imagine how excited Dave Chappelle was in 2003 after landing a deal with Comedy Central to host his own sketch comedy show. After the commercial success of The Chappelle Show, lots of other TV networks tried to follow suit but failed miserably within the first couple of years.

As for The Chappelle Show, it was an instant success. People from around the country were waiting around their TV sets to see what sort of crazy, highly offensive material he’d act out for us every week. And the more offensive it was, the more the audience wanted. It wasn’t long before Dave Chappelle, a relatively unknown comedian who had played minor roles in blockbuster films like The Nutty Professor and Blue Streak, became a household name.