Giannis Antetokounmpo Signs Record-Setting Contract Extension of All Time


Breakout Season

His early years in the NBA were a reflection of how he performed playing for his native country’s basketball team. He was an impressive figure on the court, but his dominance under the paint wouldn’t shine until his after receiving his first huge paycheck.

With his rookie contract expired, the Bucks weren’t ready to lose him to free agency. So, they offered a four-year extension for $100 million. It was only then that he began to show hints of the talent and strength that he’s known for today.

$228.2 Million for 5 Years

Before signing this massive contract, there were rumors about whether Giannis was happy with his time with the Bucks or not. Analysts reported that the MVP was looking for a way out of Milwaukee, and teams were lining up to give him a new home.

However, Giannis proved everyone wrong by signing a five-year extension to his current contract for $228.2 million, the largest contract extension in NBA history. Now, all he has to do is lead his city to their first conference finals in 46 years and championship in 49 years. Cheers, Giannis!