Did You Know ABBA Turned Down $1 Billion to Tour?!


ABBA is one of the most famous bands to have stood on the face of the earth. The band started to achieve high praise and flew straight to the top of the charts in 1974 after winning the Eurovision song award. The award was what they needed to launch them worldwide, including giving them the chance to release 8 explosive hit records like “Dancing Queen” and “Fernando”. This European band wrote music for the famous musical “Mamma Mia” which sold out everywhere for weeks in the 90s.

Throughout ABBA’s career, the band sold more than 400 million records worldwide. Making them the second-best musical group, right behind The Beatles, worldwide. Since the band has broke up more than 30 years ago, unlike most bands, they haven’t had or planned to do a reunion tour! So what does it take to bring the most inspiring pop groups back to the spotlight? Money. And not an ordinary amount either, more than a family needs for their lifetime and probably coming generations. And even if they were shown that money in cash, the band probably would say no. So just how bad was the breakup?

ABBA Turned it Down?!

Bands have come and go, but there’s a point in their lives they want to come back into the spotlight. However, ABBA hasn’t shown any signs of that. Even after they were offered a transport plane-sized amount of money to play a reunion tour. However, they turned that down. So just how much did they turn down? Don’t be surprised, but this is an amount that everyone would agree in a heartbeat. The number ABBA turned down was $1 billion! You could literally purchase your own private island, and that could probably count as two. This deal was back in 2000. But why did they turn this down?

ABBA turned down the reunion tour that was estimated at $1 billion. The tour would’ve meant they had to play 100 shows around the world. That is around $10 million per show, and if a show was two hours each, that would be $5 million an hour.

Although even they were offered that amount, they stood their ground to decline the offer. They did not say “maybe”, but a straight-faced “no”.


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