7-Figure Christmas for Kim and Kanye


Everyone loves buying and receiving gifts during the holidays, especially one that is spectacular the whole world celebrates together. That’s right, Christmas time is right around the corner. We buy gifts and send them to our loved ones, sing songs together, and unwrap the magical feeling right under the Christmas tree.

Usually, we buy scented candles, games, books, but if you are Kim Kardashian, then it’s a whole different story. Christmas in the Kardashian-West residence is a whole lot different than your traditional celebration. Kim’s mega rap star husband, Kanye West, really changed the Christmas gifting game.

So what did Kanye do for his loving wife?

Not your Ordinary Christmas Gift

Kanye West, a man that has brought love and joy to his wife, Kim Kardashian, has given her a gift no one would ever try to refuse. An apartment. Not just a standard type of apartment that has two bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in an ordinary suburb.

The apartment that West bought for Kardashian is in Faena House, publicly known as one of the most prestigious and exclusive residences in Miami Beach. Sounds casual, right?

This apartment is large enough to have its own basketball court, and that is not exaggerated. At 4,700 square feet, that majestic home contains 4 bedrooms, and 5 and a half bathrooms, courtside of Miami Beach. That sounds pretty pricy, but standard. But that’s not it.

Other features found on the apartment grounds include a swimming pool, a full-sized gym, and it’s very own spa. A perfect getaway for a holiday retreat with the family.

The apartment near the shoreline of Miami Beach costs a whopping $14 million.