$50 Million for Two More Joker Movies?


One of the most surprising smash hits of 2019 was the release of Joker, a movie set within the Batman universe but aimed at a mature audience that went out of its way to follow the common comic book movie. After the release, critics and fans gave Joaquin Phoenix a shower of praise for his performance as Authur Fleck, an aspiring stand-up comedian, that has gone through so much trouble within his life, as if Phoenix has shown another side of him in his performance.

A sequel to this film may not come to fruition, but sources in Hollywood indicate Warner Bros. might bring the mature Joker to the screen not once, but twice. And if that’s true, then the other story regarding Joaquin Phoenix may receive a huge payday estimated at a whopping $50 million for both of those sequels.

Joker’s Accomplishments

Joker grossed a staggering $1.074 billion worldwide, a number that not a lot of movies get to achieve, especially a movie that’s not in a series or franchise. The film was the 6th highest-grossing film of 2019 and was also the highest-grossing R-rated film of all time, and also the first R-rated movie to make a billion dollars. The A.V. Club noted that Joker’s budget-to-gross ratio was the highest among films based comic books. Deadline Hollywood announced that the movie made a net profit of $437 million.


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