20 of the Filthy, Stinkin’ Richest Songwriters of the Past and Present


Music is one of those things that’s universally loved, but not everyone can make a living from. But then there are songwriters who have not only turned their hobby into a profession but made a killing from it! Here, we’ll list some of the top-earning songwriters of all time and their present net worth. See how many faces you can recognize from this group of multi-millionaire artists.

20. Paul McCartney – $1.2B


SIR Paul McCartney collected his first couple of million while touring with his little-known band, The Beatles. They released timeless singles together like Hey Jude, Yesterday, and Paperback Writer, but Sir Paul left after it was clear that internal problems with the band couldn’t be fixed. He’s one of the very few musicians that have reached and retained billionaire status.